DO wrap the radio well. Use a large enough box to allow for proper padding...

We recommend using bubble wrap around the radio. Wrap it well. Protecting the front and rear of the radio is important. Inferior packaging may result in physical damage which could result in additional repair costs.

Do Not use the Air Pillows. We find them to burst during transit leaving your radio to shift around unprotected.  Do Not use paper of any kind.

We do not recommend using paper of any kind as padding material.

Be sure the box is large enough for the wrapped radio to fit snug. The radio shifting around in the box could also cause damage.

Use whatever Shipping Carrier you like.  If using the Post Office DO NOT USE THE SMALL OR MEDIUM "Flat Rate" box.  These do not allow enough room for proper padding.  And please be aware there is no automatic insurance with Flat Rate Shipping.

*** Requesting a Signature could delay delivery ……

Because our office and shop are in separate locations, there are times when we may be unable to sign for packages. You can easily track your package with the tracking number.


A completed "Repair Form" needs to be included with the Radio.  Please print and do not abbreviate.  Please be sure to include all shipping information and an email address is required.

Obtain a tracking number and track your package.  We are unable to notify you when your package is received.

****We DO NOT accept Bank Transfers****

Payments need to be a Master Card - Visa - Discover or American Express. The name and billing information for the credit card needs to match the billing information on the Repair Form.

Once we are completed with the repair, we will return your Radio using the "Postal Service".  One the repair form, please indicate which option you would like for the return shipping.  We will calculate the charges and notify you prior to shipping.

“Priority Mail International” Least Expensive way -- Takes approximately 6-10 business days – could take up to 30 days and would require the 30 days to make a claim of non-delivery. Can be tracked.

“Express Mail International” More Expensive – takes approximately 3-5 days – Can be tracked, and is guaranteed (for most locations).

VERY IMPORTANT - Be sure to ask your carrier company about any Brokerage and/or Duty Fees.  THESE NEED TO BE PAID UP FRONT.  If we receive a package requiring payment for any sort of Fees - We will REFUSE the package.

Don’t forget to Include a completed Repair Formwith the Radio.

NOTE: Modules and/or Amplifiers left on radio may incur additional charges for shipping.


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